Housemate God of Horai-so ( With translation)

Housemate God of Horai-so ( With translation)
My friends helped me to translate. Thank you very much!

This is “Horai-so”.

I have managed this share house, for a long time.

It might looks old but I think it’s comfortable.

You can put your shoes in the shoe rack.

Your room is number 10, near the entrance.

Bathroom and kitchen are shared.

You can eat in here.

This is also a share space.

I wonder where everyone is.

You must be tired from your long trip. Let’s sit down for a bit.

That tree, I think it’s a peach.

It’s a nice place.

Thank you.

Well, I’m going home.

Oh, before I forget, Your housemates may come in from the garden.

That might surprise you, but don’t worry about it.

From the garden? Why?

You can ask Momoko.

Since she’s almost human.

What do you mean, Grandpa?

Well, you’ll see.


I don’t know your situation, but
be considerate and live life as best you can.


What was that about?

(May be grandpa is going senile?)

Itadaki masu.

(I’ll get my parents to send chopsticks and a bowl.)

A peach tree, huh?

(When the fruit grows, can I eat it?)

(Grandpa told me the housemates come in from the garden.)
(But, it’s surrounded by bamboo. How do they come in this way?)


Umm, nice to meet you.
I just moved in, my name is Togen.

Are you, Human?


Oh, I’m sorry for asking you a weird question.

(What? She is strange.)


Having a human here is rare.

Ah, here they are now.

Huh? Who?

Our housemates.


What’s happening!?

W, What’s that!?


Hotei, you always drive too rough!

Ah, come on, it’s a good thrill!

I’m gonna throw up.

Welcome home ‘Seven Lucky Gods’!


Is that you, Momoko?

We’re home!

Your housemates may come in from the garden.

Welcome home ‘Seven Lucky Gods’!

My housemates are

I need get off. Who’s the stranger?


You’re frozen, are you okay?


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